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Subscription-free pricing means never worrying about unexpected charges. You will never be charged automatically. Simply purchase access time for your desired duration up-front whenever you need it.

How Access Time Works

Purchasing a timed license will give you access time to use the converter.

Get Access Time

Purchase a 1, 4, or 12 month license from your account Dashboard. Watch your access time extend accordingly.


Sign in to the converter and convert as many worlds as you like with no feature restrictions.

Time Expires

When time's up, you will no longer be able to use the converter. You won't be charged again until you purchase another license.

Keep Your Worlds

All your converted worlds will remain with you even after your time is up. Your worlds are never stored on this website.

Top-Notch Security

Extra thought was put into the payment model to ensure the utmost confidence in the system.

Your Credit Card Isn't Stored

Your credit card details are never stored on your account. Only the payment processors handle your credit card details at the time of purchase.

No Automatic Renewals

You will never be charged through any automated system since there are no payment plans to subscribe to.

Secure Payment Processors

All payment processing is done through Stripe or PayPal through their PCI-compliant API. You do not need a Stripe or PayPal account to make a purchase.

Only Pay For What You Need

Prices are shown per month to more easily represent your savings. You are not charged on a recurring basis.

  1 Month


$14.99 total

Best for:

Short-term use
Casual players
Quick conversions

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BEST VALUE 12 Months



Best for:

Long-term use
Build teams

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  4 Months



Best for:

Moderate use

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