How to Prune Chunks During Conversion

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How to Prune Chunks During Conversion

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In this guide, you'll learn how to use the Prune Chunks feature in the Universal Minecraft Converter. This allows you to select an area of the world that you want to convert, and prune the rest.

Pruning chunks comes in handy in many situations:

  • Reducing file size
  • Locating corruption issues
  • Regenerating terrain
  • Speeding up conversion

If you haven't already, download/setup the Universal Minecraft Converter.

Pruning chunks is an option currently available in the Java to Bedrock and Bedrock to Java conversion settings. It is located on the Settings page of the converter.

1. Select a Dimension

Each dimension of a world can have it's own pruning settings. Select a dimension you want to prune.

Click a Dimension Tab at the top of the settings page to select a dimension, either the Overworld, Nether, or The End.

If you wish to prune multiple dimensions, you can enter the pruning settings for each dimension and the converter will remember them.

2. Enable Chunk Pruning

Enable chunk pruning for the selected dimension by clicking the Prune Chunks switcher. When enabled, only the chunks contained within the North, South, West, and East boundaries will be converted.

When disabled, pruning will not occur and the entire dimension will be converted.

3. Enter Chunk Coordinates

The numbers in the boxes are used to determine the perimeter of the pruning area. They represent the North, South, West, and East edges of the perimeter.

The numbers are chunk coordinates. What is a chunk? You can find out what chunk coordinates to enter by using a world viewer, such as the one built in to the Universal Minecraft Editor.

The North and South chunk coordinates should be taken from the Z axis.

The West and East chunk coordinates should be taken from the X axis.

NOTE: Remember to reset/check your pruning settings during your next world conversion.

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