The 'Secret Sauce'


Utilize the full power of your multi-core processor for blazing fast conversions.

Block Property Calculation

Stairs, fences, redstone, bars, panes, doors, snowy grass, walls and much more connect correctly thanks to this feature.

Chunk Relighting

Light will be recalculated for worlds missing light data. This includes all worlds from Bedrock edition.

Coordinate Shifting

Specify exact chunk coordinates and the converter will shift the entire world to your desired location.

Goes Beyond Terrain


Whether it's banners, shulker boxes, durability, enchantments, custom potions, armor colors, and so much more, it converts it all beautifully.

Entities & Tile Entities

With scriptable entity and tile entity conversion, every Sign, Creeper, Chest, Pig, Item Drop, Mob Spawner, Villager trade and more, it can handle it!

Tile Ticks

Important tile tick information will convert that keeps your water flowing, your redstone ticking, your leaves decaying, and much more!


Often gone unnoticed, the converter has a special section dedicated to addressing differences in biome IDs and names.

Completely Customizable

Fully Scriptable

You can view and edit the code of the converter from the very beginning of the conversion process via Lua scripting. Not a single piece of item, entity, tile entity, or tile tick conversion is hard-coded.

Data Tables

Control how things are converted with customizable data tables.

Chunk Pruning

Choose which area of the world you want to convert and which parts to skip.

Built-in Resigners

The built-in resigners give you access to console worlds stored on a USB drive to load, save, or edit. No more downloading sketchy resigners like Horizon or PS3 Bruteforcer.

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